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About me

and why you should hire me as

your next Account Executive!

Audience Centered Approach:

#1 Priority


"It's what your audience hears or perceives that matters, not what you want them to hear or perceive."  What is most important to THAT specific audience?  

I always put myself in the position of my audience, so that I can communicate my message, or sale, in the most effective manner and close the deal.

Objective Based - Action Oriented

As a COO of a start-up, I had to know every detail of our business and wear multiple hats.  I've started my own companies before.  I served 7 years in the Marine Corps.  I've succeeded in high energy, stressful environments.  There are goals to be reached and deadlines to be met.  Mission accepted.

Innovative & Resourceful Problem Solver

The skills I have today have been self taught, which has mandated that I be resourceful and innovative in finding solutions.  


I live by the two following "5 P's."  "Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance" & regarding sales: "Product, Personality, Perseverance, Prospect & Presentation."

People Person (& Good At it Too)


I've been told by many that my success lies in sales.  I'm a "connector" - I love talking to people and building relationships.  The success I have today is due in large part to the relationships and network I've built over the years.  Building a relationship and having good communication skills is a must for an Account Executive.  

Love to Pitch and Sell!

I've pitched at trade shows; I've manned booths at expos; I've sat in from of investors as others pitched; I've been involved in a number of high level sales meetings; I've done and hosted a number of public speaking events.  I love to pitch and sell a product/service I'm motivated about, and I have the experience to prove it.


George Bukhin Resume

George BUkhin

Patriot.  People person.

Entrepreneur.  Do-er.

Tel:  310.963.5939


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