Obstacles. Challenges. I'm Ready.

Are you?

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I'm nothing special.  I'm just like every one of you - capable of achieving greatness.  But it takes work.  I'm here to share my strategies and tips that have brought me success, with YOU.

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As an Infantryman in the Marines, I knew a few things really well: how to shoot, how to yell, how to have a good time, and unrivaled work ethic. A Veteran's transition into the workforce, or "civilian" world, is never easy.


After having some run-ins with the law, losing the career I dreamed of, and doing horribly in school, I hit rock-bottom. But, like Marines always do, I picked myself up, started kicking down doors and found a way.


Fast forward 3 years (I'm 26, without a college degree) and today, I'm the COO of a tech start-up in Silicon Beach, California, I manage several commercial and residential properties, and I'm extremely well connected and active in LA's Young Professional, philanthropic and volunteer ecosystems.


I've launched several initiatives of my own, and I'm relentless in finding and acquiring new opportunities. I'm just like every one of you - capable of achieving greatness.  

What's stopping you?  Nothing.  

Go get it, with Violence of Action.

Fear has two meanings:  
"Forget everything and run," or
"face everything and rise."  
The choice is yours.
George BUkhin

Patriot.  Entrepreneur.  Do-er.

Tel:  310.963.5939

Email:  gbukhin@gmail.com


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