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My name is George, and I want to be the next Account Executive on your team.

I know you've got a ton of applicants - I've created this website just for Zumper to show you why I'd make a great addition to your already amazing team. 

About me

and why you should hire me as

your next Account Executive!

Audience Centered Approach:

#1 Priority


"It's what your audience hears or perceives that matters, not what you want them to hear or perceive."  What is most important to THAT specific audience?  

I always put myself in the position of my audience, so that I can communicate my message, or sale, in the most effective manner and close the deal.

Objective Based - Action Oriented

As a COO of a start-up, I had to know every detail of our business and wear multiple hats.  I've started my own companies before.  I served 7 years in the Marine Corps.  I've succeeded in high energy, stressful environments.  There are goals to be reached and deadlines to be met.  Mission accepted.

Innovative & Resourceful Problem Solver

The skills I have today have been self taught, which has mandated that I be resourceful and innovative in finding solutions.  


I live by the two following "5 P's."  "Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance" & regarding sales: "Product, Personality, Perseverance, Prospect & Presentation."

People Person (& Good At it Too)


I've been told by many that my success lies in sales.  I'm a "connector" - I love talking to people and building relationships.  The success I have today is due in large part to the relationships and network I've built over the years.  Building a relationship and having good communication skills is a must for an Account Executive.  

Love to Pitch and Sell!

I've pitched at trade shows; I've manned booths at expos; I've sat in from of investors as others pitched; I've been involved in a number of high level sales meetings; I've done and hosted a number of public speaking events.  I love to pitch and sell a product/service I'm motivated about, and I have the experience to prove it.


Why My Interest in Zumper?

I am extremely interested in joining a start-up that is revolutionizing the industry for landlords and tenants alike.  The opportunity to work with Zumper Senior Management and Key Decision Makers is exciting and appealing given that I've launched several companies of my own.  As a "master networker" for personal growth, I'd love the opportunity to do it professionally as well.  Reading the job description, it appears the Account Executive position actually has an opportunity to be develop and implement strategy, along with Sales, which is exactly what I'm looking for.  Zumper seems like a great fit for me and I would love an opportunity to present myself to the team.  

Why Hire Me?

I have been afforded incredible connections in my personal network, including some of LA's biggest Real Estate Multi-Family players.  I love (and am great at) meeting new people, developing relationships and utilizing my network.  I consistently meet and work with key decision makers and leaders in a variety of industries. I am a fantastic ambassador to any company or organization I represent, and I would represent Zumper to the highest degree.  As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, including managing a multi-family apartment building, I am confident I can be a valuable asset to the Zumper team and fit the requirements you're looking for in this position.  


George Bukhin Resume

George BUkhin

Patriot.  People person.

Entrepreneur.  Do-er.

Tel:  310.963.5939


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